iSC Mandarin Online Opportunity

iSC Mandarin Online Opportunity

There’s a new opportunity for learning Mandarin language and culture online!

International Schools Consortium, (iSC) includes six international schools in China and they have put together a team of trained teachers with native Mandarin. The impetus came from the rise of Covid-19 and online courses for the international schools. The benefits of learning Mandarin at any level, from anywhere in the world, are now available to all-comers and the international school training prepares the staff for all kinds of learners.

If your elementary, middle school or high school student would like to begin, or continue Mandarin study, this program is definitely worth exploring. Chinese families in mobile or cross-cultural work may find this resource particularly appealing. I encourage you to look into the iSC program and share it with your friends.

Below you will find links to downloadable PDFs with more information. (One in English, the other in Mandarin).

(Full disclosure: I worked with iSC in China from 2003-2012.)
Michael Pollock

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