Faith On the Move is #1 on Amazon

Faith on the Move

Faith On the Move is #1 on Amazon

Faith on the Move is #1 on Amazon

Faith on the Move is #1 on Amazon

Faith on the Move is #1 on Amazon! Wow! We did not see that coming.

Faith on the Move, Interaction International’s devotional for MK/TCK teens, just hit #1 on Amazon new releases in the Youth Christian Ministry category. We are humbled. We continue to receive positive feedback on this publication.

We know our advance copy readers are due a debt of gratitude for their part in making this devotional a success.  From leading TCK thought influencers to a focus group of teen TCKs and MKs, we were blessed to have such generous help getting Faith on the Move out the door.  A huge thank you to all who jumped in early and made the unthinkable possible.  We appreciate you more than you can imagine!

Faith on the Move examines the lives of Ruth, Joseph, Esther, and Daniel from the Old Testament as they journeyed through their own cross-cultural experiences.  The wisdom evident in these Old Testament TCKs and Cross-Cultural Kids (CCKs) remains applicable to those moving cross-culturally today. We hope TCKs and CCKs today find comfort in knowing the challenges they face are neither insurmountable nor new.



Faith on the Move combines many elements into short, easy to digest daily devotionals.  Visually stimulating graphics and layouts were designed to engage this generation of teens. Each day presents the reader a Bible passage, a quote or written prayer, followed by insights connecting the past to the present. Each day concludes with questions that personalize the information and challenge the MK/TCK with next steps.



Faith on the Move Discussion Groups

While the book is meant to be used individually, it can be used as a group study.  One of the ways Interaction International desires to serve Faith on the Move‘s readers is by facilitating small discussion groups to go through the 30 days together.  Over 6 weeks Interaction staff will lead small group discussions through the book in using agreed upon social media messaging such as What’s App or Messenger.

We hope this turns a great individual experience into a fantastic group experience.  Very few people understand a TCK’s cross-cultural transition like another TCK going through their own cross-cultural transition.  We would like to reassure the MKs, other TCKs, and CCKs reading through this devotional that they are not alone as they cross-cultures.

Faith on the Move is #1 on Amazon and you can get it in Print, on Kindle, and in Bulk Orders

The print edition is available now on Amazon. The Kindle version of Faith on the Move should be available on April 20th. Pre-orders will be available soon.

For those ready to buy 10 or more copies, you can order directly through us to save $2/copy plus free shipping/handling. Purchase in bulk through our online store.  We highly recommend Faith on the Move as a graduation present from organization’s and churches.  While it’s not our goal to be ranked first, we are thankful to everyone who helped us say, “Faith on the Move is #1 on Amazon.”

To learn more about Faith on the Move and to register for our Discussion Groups, check out our Faith on the Move page.


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