Foundations: TCK 101


Who are MK/TCKs and what is unique about them? Are you… needing an introduction to MKs/TCKs? a parent or grand-parent of an MK/TCK? just getting started at an MK Caregiver […]

Foundations: Organizational Care


Team training to get you on your way to better caring for your MKs Our original training for MK caregivers redesigned to be taken as a team for maximum impact. Excellent for organizations looking to build their MK program, but valuable as well for those who are looking to grow it to the next level. […]

Foundations: Leadership Skills


Foundations: Leadership Skills Critical Skills for Leading your MK Program You have a passion for MKs, but do you have the skills required to lead? You may love running programs, but are you effectively building lasting change? Presented in 4, two-hour sessions plus 2 additional consulting sessions Topics include: Building and advocating for budgets Communicating […]

MK Synergy

Lakeview Camp, Waxahachie, TX Waxahachie, TX, United States

MK Synergy takes place every three years. It’s a joint conference between MK Caregivers Summit (MKCS) and MK Educators Summit (MKES). This combined conference allows for cross pollination between the two conferences. There will be both education and caregiving tracks available for workshops. The goal of the event is to foster networking, encourage each other, […]

STAGE: Pre-Experience Orientation Copy

Wheaton, Illinois

Students planning on international student teaching placements must attend PEO prior to their placement. During the PEO weekend in April, students who have applied to be placed at an international school will be learning about cultural stresses, international schools, transitions, and the third culture kid profile among many other topics designed specifically to aid the […]

Transit Lounge: Texas (Older Teens)

Southwestern Assemblies of God University 1200 Sycamore St, Waxahachie, TX

Welcoming TCK ages 16-20 to participate in our seven day program. If you are returning to the U.S. in the present or in the future on a home assignment, to go to college, take a gap year, or work, this transition seminar is the perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself, how you grieve, make […]