Transit Lounge 2023 – 4 day – Georgia

Fort Mountain Retreat 40 Blackhawk Trail, Chatsworth, GA, United States

Our younger program is designed specifically for TCKs ages 12-17 Come join us for a middle school/high school program! Join us for a retreat in Georgia! Spend 4 nights and 3 days with other global nomads.  We’ll explore how to navigate the challenges, opportunities, and benefits of a cross-cultural life and its transitions. As you […]

Transit Lounge 2023 – 7 day – Georgia

Fort Mountain Retreat 40 Blackhawk Trail, Chatsworth, GA, United States

Welcoming TCK ages 16-20 to participate in our seven day programs Spend seven days with us and other global nomads.  We’ll explore the challenges, benefits, opportunities, and predictable processes of transition.  Consequently, you will learn how your TCK background provides an important foundation for the skills you will use throughout your life.  This seminar is […]

International TCK Conference

Suan Bua Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand เสมิง 158 หมู่ 3 ถนนเลี่ยงเมืองสันป่าตองหางดง Ban Pong, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Interaction International is founding member of the Shepherd’s Counsel and a proud sponsor of the 2023 ITCKC. International TCK conference: a hub for gathering, sharing and caring. Venue: Suan Bua Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand Dates: 19th – 23rd October 2023 It is open to all Adult TCKs, TCK caregivers and organization leaders. This conference is […]

Foundations: TCK 101


Who are MK/TCKs and what is unique about them? Are you… needing an introduction to MKs/TCKs? a parent or grand-parent of an MK/TCK? just getting started at an MK Caregiver for your organization? a church who is looking to improve support of MKs? an adult MK/TCK wanting to process intellectually what you know intuitively? Then Foundations: […]

Foundations: Organizational Care


Team training to get you on your way to better caring for your MKs Our original training for MK caregivers redesigned to be taken as a team for maximum impact. Excellent for organizations looking to build their MK program, but valuable as well for those who are looking to grow it to the next level. […]

Foundations: Leadership Skills


Foundations: Leadership Skills Critical Skills for Leading your MK Program You have a passion for MKs, but do you have the skills required to lead? You may love running programs, but are you effectively building lasting change? Presented in 4, two-hour sessions plus 2 additional consulting sessions Topics include: Building and advocating for budgets Communicating […]