Reentry Refresher Seminar

Interaction offers a Reentry Refresher seminar just for adults.

When you left, someone talked with you about transition, culture shock and cultural adaptation, but that may have been many years ago. Now you are in the midst of transition and wish there were something to help you do this well.

This two-day seminar will help you:

  • understand the transition process and thrive in it
  • process your emotions—i.e. grief, anger, fear, etc.
  • manage your expectations
  • develop strategies to help you adjust to this unfamiliar culture called “home”
  • understand how transition impacts children
This seminar includes interactive workshops, panel discussion, and small group interaction.
Event date TBD:

Check back soon to register for our next Reentry Refresher Seminar!

For more information, contact Interaction International at:

Ph: 630.653.8780