An overseas student teaching experience isn't a dream but a reality!

The CCTECC/STAGE program allows education majors from member colleges to do their student teaching at overseas schools.

Students, who are approved by their education department, are placed by Interaction International. The CCTECC/STAGE program began in 1990 and has grown to include 25 member institutions. This year approximately 100 education majors will go overseas to do their student teaching. To date, more than 1,700 students have gone to assignments at more than 130 schools overseas.

Benefits of Student Teaching Overseas

  • Valuable preparation for teaching in an international school setting.
  • Expanded cultural perspectives and worldview.
  • Broadened view of education and expanded knowledge base for developing one’s approach to education.
  • Develops valuable cross-cultural skills.
  • Enriches one’s academic background through first-hand experience in a foreign country and culture.
  • Builds self-confidence and self-esteem through the experience of travel and independent activity.

Steps in the CCTECC/STAGE Process

  1. Contact your school representative to discuss student teaching overseas with the CCTECC/STAGE program. See the list of member schools below for contact information.
  2. Receive approval to apply from the Education Department of your college/university to proceed with the application.
  3. Complete the application for participation with CCTECC/STAGE. You can find the application link and guiding information on the APPLICATION tab (above) of this website. When you have completed your application and your college/university representative has approved it, you both will sign an affirmation form and your representative will submit it.
  4. Information on payment of the application fee is located on the PAYMENT tab (above).
  5. Attend the REQUIRED Pre-Experience Orientation. This training is provided twice each year: spring and fall. Students should plan to attend the seminar closest to when they will go overseas.
  6. Make travel arrangements with the placement school. Be sure to purchase travel insurance as a precaution due to occasional uncertainty in global issues.
  7. Complete your student teaching at an overseas school.

Member Colleges

Currently the following colleges/universities are members of CCTECC/STAGE. Click on your college to find the CCTECC/STAGE contact person:

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