Pre-Experience Orientation

The Pre-Experience Orientation Seminar

The Pre-Experience Orientation Seminar for the weekend will include looking at cross-cultural transition, the international school, the third culture kids profile, the multi-cultural classroom, culture stress and various other activities aimed at preparing you for the experience of practice teaching overseas.

You will also be meeting other student teachers from different colleges who may be going to the same school or area. Normally, those seeking placements for the fall attend in April and those seeking placements for the spring attend in September. However, if you have a conflict with the dates, you can attend the other seminar.

Upcoming PEO Dates

  • September 18-20, 2020
  • April 9-11, 2021
  • September 17-19, 2021

PEO Basics

Arrival Time: 5:30pm on Friday

Departure Time: After lunch on Sunday

Seminar Location:
Lake Placid Conference Center
0397 South 200
Hartford City, IN 47348

For more information about CCTECC/STAGE contact Interaction International at:
     Phone: 585.567.2580



Airport Information: If you are flying you will be flying in to Ft. Wayne Airport. Email your flight information to Al Gurley at Interaction.

Cost: The cost for this weekend and the materials provided has been covered in your application fee. You are responsible for your own travel arrangements and transportation costs.

Food Details: Pizza is provided after the first session Friday night but you may be hungry so it is a good idea to eat a little beforehand! Full meals are provided for the rest of the weekend.

Bedding: Linens and towels are provided

Room Arrangements: You will be required to share a room with two other people.

Dress Code: Dress for the seminar is casual.