2014 March Reentry and Repatriation

2014 March Reentry and Repatriation




This issue of Among Worlds explores the challenges that TCKs experience related to reentry and repatriation.  Articles include:

  • Homing Instinct
  • The Unexpected Expected: The Transition of My Third Culture Kids
  • A Tapestry of Coming Home: The Reacculturation Process of Four TCKs
  • Thoughts on ReEntry by a Third Culture Kid
  • From Home to Homeless
  • The Big Lie of Multiculturalism in America: How Returning and Repatriating Was Difficult as a Third Culture Kid and Asian American
  • Reentry Reflections
  • Reentry and Repatriation
  • American Points
  • Thoughts on Reentry and Repatriation