Building Your RAFT




Building Your R.A.F.T. This CD is for those who are just starting their overseas assignment, or are experienced personnel who are getting ready to return to their passport culture (whether for a year or two or permanently). Hosted by the late Dr. David Pollock (founder of Interaction International), this CD guides viewers through one of the essential steps to successfully preparing children and adults for transition. Note: This CD is for personal and family use and NOT for training purposes. The “Exit Right – Enter Right” DVD is designed for training and extended learning. This video on CD is divided into four sections: Reconciliation, Affirmation, Farewell and Think Destination. Each section runs about 5 minutes and can be watched in one sitting or paused after each section for discussion or reflection. The CD includes worksheets and practical ideas to help process the transition experience.

A discount is available for bulk purchases:
2-25 Copies – $22 each
26-50 Copies – $20 each
50+ Copies – $18 each

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