2022 Transit Lounge – Georgia – Younger Teen (Regular)




Do not continue with payment unless you have submitted the online application, paid the $50 application fee, and received an email confirmation inviting you to attend.

Spend some enjoyable days with us and other global nomads exploring a very normal experience called cross-cultural transition. Explore how your TCK and MK background provides an important foundation on which to build the skills you will use all your life. Read more about what to expect and what others have said here.

Interested students (age 12-16) must apply and be accepted. Do not make flight arrangements until you’ve received an invitation email from our office (generally within 3 business days).

The Transition Seminar registration fee is $510 USD per attendee, not including the already paid $50 application fee.

An additional $25 early bird discount is automatically subtracted on registration payments made before March 15th.


Due to the special circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we have revised our refund policy for 2022 (updated in 2021). If you have paid and will not be able to make it for any reason, full refunds will be issued up until May 15th and a 50% refund up until June 15th.

If we have to cancel the program due to government restrictions (or any other reason) we will offer full refunds. Those who are flying, we encourage the purchase of additional travel insurance to minimize potential risk.